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Sexy guns sold by Moon's son Kook Jin (Justin) Moon

Kahr CW45Image by aconaway1 via Flickr

One of the Kahr guns

One of the few of Sun Myung Moon's children who are still supporting him is Kook Jin or Justin Moon. He was born in 1970 and owns an arms factory that manufactures some of the smallest and most lethal weapons on earth.

You might think that Rev. Moon, otherwise known as the 'KING OF PEACE,' would have taken distance from his gun-loving son. But Kook Jin Moon is showing up in church gatherings and family meetings of Moon. He has his own pages on an offical site of the Unificationists, the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification.

Kook Jin Moon was interviewed by Christopher S. Stewart. Read his very illuminating account on the site of Alex Constantine's Anti-Fascist Research Bin. This interview will give you a deeper insight in the mind of this son of a 'peace-maker.'

Here you see a picture of Kook Jin Moon and his wife in an official Unification Church gathering

I'm getting to my point now.
Rev. Moon all the time advocates his s0-called divine moral principles and he spoke out many times against free sex.
Now look at this screenshot from the home page of Kook Jin's Kahr company taken on July 2, 2009, when you look at it now, the home page may be different).

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  1. Hello, this is Martin from Myspace.

    I've heard and read things like this and I don't feel it fair that you only only talk about his gun business? Maybe you should mention what he is up to now. Is Kook Jin Moon still working with this gun business? I don't think so. What many don't seem to realize is how hard of a life the True Children had. Sure they may have had tons of money and material things, but the most of the children had a tough life. I have heard In Jin Moon talk about her brothers. They got beat up in school all the time. Father and Mother where never around because they had a mission. Also imagine the pressure on them. All these church members expecting you to act perfectly at such a young age. Anyways, I am sure they went through many more struggles. Those are just a few from the top of my head. Try to have a little symathy for Kook Jin Moon. Look at how the True Children are doing today! It is so amazing how much they are doing for this movement. Look at this testimony.

  2. I am posting both more positive and more negative aspects that i observe of the Unificationist movement. The guns company of Kook Jin Moon i clearly see as a negative, especially when they also post 'sexy' ads. For me that doesn't combine with religion.

    When you read other articles in my blog you will see that i have much sympathy for the children of Rev. Moon. But sympathy doesn't mean that we cannot be critical. I believe it to be in the interest of Kook Jin that he is confronted with the kind of critique as in the above blog.

    I am aware of the persecution that Rev. Moon's children have gone through, but that doesn't mean that when they do wrong things it would not be wrong.

    If Kook Jin has distanced himself from Kahr arms i would expect him to have issued some kind of statement why he did it and why he stopped it. I haven't seen anything of that kind, but i may have missed it. Please inform me if that is the case.

    Are you aware of the fact that people have been or can be killed with the guns that Kahr is producing? Criminals love some of their guns because they are 'thin' and can easily be hidden. Is that for defense? Do you need smallest weapons for defense?

    If he wished to produce weapons for defense of good causes, why is Kahr just a commercial company selling arms to anyone who is legally permitted? They could also only produce weapons for an army that needs to defend a good cause and that would be a different matter.

    As far as i know Kook Jin he is a nice guy and i have nothing against him. I just think he should stop with this kind of business.

    Thank you for the link. I have read the article, just like i am reading most of what comes out, both the positives and the negatives.

  3. @ Anonymous (Martin)

    I have added to the article the link you provided.

    By the way, in the article Kook Jin proudly speaks of his company he built up from scratch. That was in September 2006.

  4. Lots of the guns are sold to the police force and for hunting purposes. Of course it is inevitable for some guns to get into the wrong hands, but I don't think this is Kook Jin's intentions. I think he has good intentions and wanted to make a successful business. And he did! I don't think just anyone can buy a need to get a license. I read an article of a man who died because of one of the guns from Kook Jin's company. This is a horrible thing. This one death and its became a huge deal...when many peo0ple die from gun shot every day. I'm not a big fan of guns myself, but it just depends on if you use it in a positive or negative way, right? Guns aren't evil.

  5. I understand the arguments you are putting up here and i agree to a certain degree. Guns by themselves aren't evil, that's right.

    But using sexy ads to sell them is not a very good way of doing business. That is going to attract the wrong kind of people and that brings money into the business that comes from wrong sources. When you read again my blog you see that my main argument was against the sexy ad and not against weapons perse.

    And concerning the licenses that are needed to buy the guns. Yes, buyers need that but of course there are criminals who know how to get such a license.

    Altogether, i have mainly spoken in my blog against the sexual connotations of the ad. I don't think it is right to place such ads. The question of selling weapons is still another discussion.

  6. Yea, I agree that he shouldn't be doing that with the ads. I don't think he controls any of that though, but i dont know. maybe...maybe not. All I know is he is a great person.