Thursday, July 9, 2009

Recent sermons by Hyung Jin Moon (videos)

Center of the Universe

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Love, trust and happiness in the family are the corner stones for a healthy society and world.

Believing in God's Promise

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God is preparing big blessing for each one of us for the time God has chosen. We need to remember that in difficult times and keep patient, so that the blessing can really come.

God is getting ready to bless us

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Looking at the whole year, we can see that together with the seasons everything else is also changing.

Millions of fans, but no one to share your heart

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Inherit the true love that is selfless and that can bring our worst enemies to natural subjugation.

A great source of comfort for myself

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Remember that God is our ever-present helper in time of need, and He is there and He is truly hoping for us to become everything that He has placed within us

Note by Lover of Truth
That i post these videos here doesn't mean that i endorse all of their content. Study these sermons and tell me what you think.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The gold that the Israelites took from Egypt

The Worship of the Golden Calf by Filippino Li...

The worship of the golden calf by Filippino Lippi

Exodus 3 (New International Version)
18 "The elders of Israel will listen to you. Then you and the elders are to go to the king of Egypt and say to him, 'The LORD, the God of the Hebrews, has met with us. Let us take a three-day journey into the desert to offer sacrifices to the LORD our God.' 19 But I know that the king of Egypt will not let you go unless a mighty hand compels him. 20 So I will stretch out my hand and strike the Egyptians with all the wonders that I will perform among them. After that, he will let you go.

21 "And I will make the Egyptians favorably disposed toward this people, so that when you leave you will not go empty-handed. 22 Every woman is to ask her neighbor and any woman living in her house for articles of silver and gold and for clothing, which you will put on your sons and daughters. And so you will plunder the Egyptians."

HTML clipboard

The question i shall address here is why did God want the Israelites to ask articles of silver and gold from the Egyptians to be put on the sons and daughters of the Israelites?

The Israelites had sojourned for some 400 years in the land of Egypt. They came there as guests but were made to slaves in later dynasties of the Egyptian pharaohs.

Imagine that you are living under God and for some reason you lose your faith in God and you are going to live your own life. Later you repent for this and you want to come back to God. This equals the situation of fallen Adam who first had received from God dominion over all of creation, but later he fell and came under evil influence.

Whoever wants to find back the way to God stands as fallen Adam or Eve who are in need of restoration and who are in the same position as the Israelites who were leaving Egypt. For each step in restoration it is needed to bring offerings. The Israelites had served the Egyptians for a long time. Instead of being able to dedicate their lives to God, they had helped the Egyptians to build up their foundation. To make restitution for this, God asked the Israelites to collect all which they could from the Egyptians to bring this as an offering to God.

Even though the Israelites were enslaved, they still should feel to be God's children first. Being God's children, their work for the Egyptians did not belong to the Egyptians, but it belonged to God. The Israelites had to make effort to gather everything from the Egyptians for which they had a right. This was the offering of the Israelites needed to start their new course in the wilderness.

The gold and silver they had earned as slaves in Egypt had to be brought as offerings so God could accept them and work with them. Always when we leave a situation that compares to slavery in Egypt, in a spiritual sense, we need to collect the results of what we did in 'Egypt' and offer that to God.

Later we see that a number of Israelites used that gold to build a golden calf, an idol that represented evil deities of Egypt. This showed that many Israelites had not brought their offerings to God in the right way. They had clinged to the gold as if that gold belonged to themselves and they offered it to evil deities in order to gain blessings for themselves.

Gold is to be offered to God always. It is not to be used for expanding worldly foundations and it is not to be taken as a 'blessing' coming from God.

Religious people never crave for gold or power, they desire for developing their inner relationship to God.

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To the BC

William Blake's The Body of Abel Found by Adam...Image via Wikipedia

William Blake's 'The Body of Abel found by Adam and Eve"L clipboard

If you don't know what are 'BC', scroll to the bottom of this article for an explanation

For some time now i have been looking into the lives of some of you BC by browsing profiles on social network sites and also on other places on the web. I have also met many of you personally. I got a kind of impression, which doesn't mean that my view is complete or that you would all agree with it.

Here i want to address the question who you are.

You are children of parents who accepted Sun Myung Moon and his wife Hak Ja Han as parents. Regardless who Rev. Moon is or what he means for God, when you call yourself 'BC' you accept the fact that you were born in the lineage of Rev. Moon. Your parents let themselves be married as children of Sun Myung Moon and you are the result.

A lot of things are being said about how special you would be. Of course, i think that each of you know that you are not as special and sinless as some try to make you believe. What is the bottomline of what you are? You are born in the lineage of Sun Myung Moon, certainly spiritually and to a certain degree physically. You are also born from parents who believe or believed that Rev. Moon is the messiah.

This means that you have received a legacy. It is your legacy that you will have to deal with, with all that is good in it and all that is bad.

As long as you call yourself 'BC' you make yourself even more responsible for this legacy. Even if you would distance yourself from it, you would still have to go a course to overcome and liberate yourself.

Even when you believe that Rev. Moon is the messiah, you still have to deal with the inheritance you got through what your parents did. Remember: Adam and Eve were born sinless from God, but their son Cain became a murderer. This fact shows us that whatever have been God's intentions and whatever qualifications there were earned and given to your parents and ancestors, you can never think that your life is easy and automatically without sin.

You have learned that life is restoration. Sometimes you were told that the age of restoration is over and that no indemnity needs to be paid anymore.

That is NONSENSE. Each time when people sin it demands new restoration. Do you really believe that a messiah could pay for the sins of your parents and of yourself? Do you feel changed to the better because some people are stating that you are free and living in God's kingdom?

You know very well your own reality.

I could explain very much more on this topic, but i leave with the few warnings i wrote above. If you want to know more, contact me personally and i shall do what i can to explain about this.

What are 'BC'?
Rev. Moon has matched and married tens of thousands of couples. If these couples were not yet married before, he chooses who fits to whom or accepts proposals from others for the right match. These couples are called 'Blessed Couples' and they are thought to be direct children of their 'True Parents' Rev. Moon and his wife. By accepting to go through certain ceremonies and conditions, these couples are believed to be without original sin. Also their children, who are called Blessed Children or 'BC' are thought to be born without original sin. Some believe that they are also born without sin altogether.

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Hyung Jin Moon's sermon July 4, 2009

Service 78 - Seeing your destiny

Hyung Jin Moon speaks about the importance of faith and visualization of a good future in order to be successful in life. He quotes texts from Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Rev. Moon to show that all religions believed that

faith is a light.

The sermon reminds me of the principles of the Law of Attraction, although Hyung Jin doesn't mention this particular type of New-Age thinking.

Hyung Jin goes on telling that before the Exodus, God through Moses asked the Israelites to collect and wear their gold, silver and jewelry. According to Hyung Jin this was because

they had to change their perspective on themselves.

Hyung Jin Moon explains that the Israelites felt to be slaves and were not allowed to wear jewelry. He believes that God wanted the Israelites to get faith in themselves by changing their outer appearance, just like is done in modern television make-over shows.

Personally i am not so sure that Moses asked the Israelites to wear precious things on their body in order to change their mindset. It may very well have been that in this way they could more easily take with them their riches because they were soon moving into the wilderness.

Hyung Jin Moon then makes the comparison to the situation of their church, which was long seen as a cult and

nobody believed persecution would go over.

He says that God wants Unificationists to now put on their gold and silver and often repeats the Obama slogan

yes, we can!

We can be the fastest growing religion in the world.

We're going to get big.... God is saying, i prepared this for you.... No longer will we be a cult.... God is saying, I'm giving you a make-over...

You can also watch the video here

Read also my follow-up blog

The gold that the Israelites took from Egypt

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Friday, July 3, 2009

Practicing true religion


There is no true religion without spirituality. Spirituality means that you are aware of the spiritual meaning of all that you do. This should not be just a way of speaking. It should be reality through and through, to the bone.

In true religion there are no set rules or practices. Even if you inherited such traditions, you renew them each time that you live them. You never just pray or meditate or do any ritual unless your heart fully desires for it.

You don't pledge to do this or that, unless you are entirely certain that this promise is the last time you are making it. Each promise you give should lead to serious fulfillment. If you pledge again and again, or even worse, do it as a daily or weekly habit, that's bullxxxx.

When you have to choose between getting influence over people or working for your own inner development, you choose for the latter.

When someone offers you money or material things, you never automatically accept it. You know that you are a priest who must pass on the offerings to God and you are responsible that no impure offerings ever are brought before God. So you pray and pray until you know what to do with the offering.

You never claim that you have reached this or that level or position, because your focus is always ahead of you, to go further and do more good.

There is no religion without spirituality. This means a living connection with God and all heavenly angels and spirits. If you don't have that connection, if you don't receive God's straight answer and if you do not yourself relate to the good spiritual world, your religious life is void of meaning.

Power, influence and wealth are never to desire for. Only center on doing the Creator's will and all will be taken care of. It's a lie to say that you need influence and wealth in order to do your mission for God. Power, influence and wealth are temptations, most of the time, just like sex can be a temptation.

Don't ever ask or pray for blessings. Only ask to understand to do God's will and then do it. All you need will then be given to you. Do not make up your own mind about what you need.
This world is never going to get better because people run behind leaders. This world will only get better when each single person has become a leader him- or herself. When you are a leader, lead yourself.

Never, never let yourself be tempted to be a leader to others. In the world of religion and spirituality there are no leaders. There are only elders.

What you want to reach in true religion is your own liberation. This is not possible by worshiping a religious leader or guru. You need to be your own guru, always and only. You can learn from elders and your guru may be an elder too. To be an elder is the highest value a guru can have for you.

Do not use the name of God if you do not directly get answers to your prayers from God. You are using the name of God in vain if you speak about God without actually having a direct relationship to the Creator.

Do never mistake revelations and inspirations from spirit world as if coming from God or as if giving proof how special you are. You should get revelations and inspirations from the spiritual world, but this is something totally normal. It is like reading a book. And books can be benificial or harmful.

Do never think that your religion stands above other ones. Religion should not be something that has a name in the world, it should be practiced in your inner life. What does it matter to which organization you belong?

Religion is about your inner life. Spirituality is about your relationship to the eternal spiritual world, the place of eternal life of past, present and future. External life in this world or material life only has meaning insofar it is immersed with the love of your inner life and the value of your spiritual life.

Do not speak about spiritual life when you have no relationship to God and the good spiritual world.

Do not speak about religion when you have no contact to the Creator and no love and respect for people who are different from you.

Photos by Lover of Truth

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sexy guns sold by Moon's son Kook Jin (Justin) Moon

Kahr CW45Image by aconaway1 via Flickr

One of the Kahr guns

One of the few of Sun Myung Moon's children who are still supporting him is Kook Jin or Justin Moon. He was born in 1970 and owns an arms factory that manufactures some of the smallest and most lethal weapons on earth.

You might think that Rev. Moon, otherwise known as the 'KING OF PEACE,' would have taken distance from his gun-loving son. But Kook Jin Moon is showing up in church gatherings and family meetings of Moon. He has his own pages on an offical site of the Unificationists, the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification.

Kook Jin Moon was interviewed by Christopher S. Stewart. Read his very illuminating account on the site of Alex Constantine's Anti-Fascist Research Bin. This interview will give you a deeper insight in the mind of this son of a 'peace-maker.'

Here you see a picture of Kook Jin Moon and his wife in an official Unification Church gathering

I'm getting to my point now.
Rev. Moon all the time advocates his s0-called divine moral principles and he spoke out many times against free sex.
Now look at this screenshot from the home page of Kook Jin's Kahr company taken on July 2, 2009, when you look at it now, the home page may be different).

Screenshot from

See also

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Why Abel is Abel

HTML clipboard

In a former blog i wrote about the principle of Cain-Abel restoration. In the principle of Cain-Abel restoration the words 'Cain' and 'Abel' are used to characterize positions in relation to another. Abel here means a person who is representing God to his brother Cain, who is struggling to liberate himself from attacks of forces of evil. The purpose of the restoration of the relationship between Cain and Abel is first for both Cain and Abel to come closer to God and second for them to improve their human relationship, but centered on God.

To describe the positions of Cain and Abel i often prefer to use the words 'worldly' for the position of Cain and the word 'heavenly' for the position of Abel.

There is much confusion about what the concepts of Cain and Abel really mean. This is mainly due to the misuse of these concepts as qualifications for certain people. The words Cain and Abel are then used as a kind of noun or adverb to qualify those believed to be Abel and to disqualify those believed to be Cain. Sometimes people say that a person is Abel or that someone is an Abel person, meaning that this person would be 'good.' And to be Cain or a Cain person would mean that the person is bad. This is a misuse of the meaning of the concepts of Cain and Abel in the principles of restoration.

In the original meaning, both Cain and Abel are children of God and they both have a mission that they received from God. When people in the positions of Cain and Abel are fulfilling their missions they are growing in their course of restoration to find God.

Let us examine here why Abel is Abel.

The original Abel

For Abel there was nobody standing in the Abel position in relation to him. Abel was Abel because of an inherited heavenly position. That heavenly position meant that Abel could be reached by God and by heavenly spirits, in Abel's case we assume that these heavenly spirits were heavenly angels.

When someone is standing in the Abel or heavenly position it has nothing to do with an external position in an organization. When you are Abel you are Abel because, just like it was the case for Abel, you can be reached by God and consequently God can send heavenly angels and spirits to support you. To be 'Abel' means to be connected to God while at the same time not being controlled by evil spirits.

To keep your position as Abel you need to do God's will daily. You need to continously live a life of prayer to God and to continuously let the direction of your actions be determined by God.

Standing in this position it is more important that you have your personal relationship to God than to have contact to good spirits. You need your good relationship to God to judge the spirits that come to you. Also heavenly angels and spirits can make mistakes or sometimes they are being subdued by evil spirits. The heavenly angel that inspired and helped you yesterday may have made a mistake today. Your spiritual situation will change instantly in such a case, but you may not notice it right away. Sometimes the place of heavenly spirits is secretly taken by evil and misleading spirits. In such a case your only safety net is your relationship to God.

For Abel, his relationship to God always must be subject while his relationship to good spirits is object in relation to that.

The misunderstood position of Abel

In the Unification Church the positions of Cain and Abel have frequently be misunderstood and misused. The position of Abel then came to mean something like 'the position of an accepted leader' or 'the position of a leader appointed by Sun Myung Moon.' But even if Mr. Moon would have correctly chosen the person who was Abel at the moment of being appointed, that doesn't guarantee that this person can keep that position all the time. People make mistakes.

Furthermore, the positions of Cain and Abel should not be understood as being permanent. In reality, when two people meet, the qualifications of Cain and Abel are set at that moment and are open for change.

The names Cain and Abel should solely be understood as concepts for principles of restoration.

Another commonly made mistake is that the positions of Abel are thought to belong to people of a certain lineage. For example, in the Unification Church, the children of Moon were seen as Abel in relation to all other members.

Even though the qualification of being Abel can be inherited (for example Abel became 'Abel' as the second son of Adam), that by no means is a certificate engraved in stone. As shown above, one is Abel because of an actual and close relationship to God and in addition to that and consequently having the aid of good angels and spirits.

Sometimes people make mistakes and at that moment, almost instantly, the positions of Cain and Abel can swift. The one who was Abel may temporary become Cain and someone else may need to fulfill as Abel.

The pride to be Abel and the pride to be Cain

In order to overcome the problem of misunderstanding the positions of Cain and Abel i would advise that these names are firstly understood as responsibilities. Both Cain and Abel got a responsibility and mission from God. For your being loved by God it makes no difference whether you are 'Cain' or you are 'Abel.' Nobody is Abel all the time and nobody is Cain all the time. These positions are open for change in each new relationship and also for each new situation in an existing relationship.

To be Cain in a relationship with someone as Abel is a honor. It is a task given by God to protect and love that Abel person. And to be Abel in such a situation is a honor, a responsibility to keep your good love for God and to pass on that love to the one who is in the worldly position to you at that moment.

Ideally, the Cain-Abel relationship is resolved by Cain and Abel uniting centered on God. At that moment, one cannot anymore speak of the one person being Cain and the other being Abel. When two people are united in love, as brothers or sisters under God's love, it does not matter anymore who was Cain and who was Abel. The purpose of the task to solve a Cain-Abel relationship is that Cain and Abel unite in love centered on God.

For this it is paramount that this loving unity is initiated by Abel being in the subject position to Cain. In case that unity is a result of Cain becoming subject over Abel, the unity may be there but is not anymore centered on God.

It is therefore so important that the positions of Cain and Abel are not misunderstood, are not given to the wrong people.

See also this speech that Rev. Moon gave on Dec. 30, 1979:

HTML clipboard Abel's Right Path From The Providential Point Of View

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